Idea Under Construction!  

My favorite Instagram account is "Pasta Grannies" @pastagrannies. I want to try everything they post, and wish my Grandma was still alive to teach me something new. In the same thought, our holiday menu is no longer complete without our dear friend LaDonna Burns' greens recipe - she makes it every year, and we make it now even when she's not here! It got me to thinking - what else do I want to learn that I don't even know about?


That's how "Teach Us Your Favorites" came to be. Yes, these are stock photos, no I don' know them, but I want to them to teach me what they're making!


So, here's what I'm thinking - let's have "Home Ec Family Night" once a week, where you send us your favorite dish, the shopping list, we post it and host it, and then have you teach the Zoom class!

What do you think?  


Let's cook what you love!