Blueberry Jam - do I have a problem?

I may need an intervention..

I had been after Barton and his mother to teach me howe to make jam ever since I learned how to make pickles! Growing up, my mother had made jelly once a year and I was eager to learn how to do something similar. The day finally came and we laid everything out, got all prepared, made a batch, and then Barton went away for a week. When he returned he walked into a house with almost 200 jars of jam! Okay, so some of them were 1/4 pint jars, but nearly 200! I love doing it!

Much like other aspects of Home Ec skills, you can really control and stay conscious of everything that you put into your food, and that’s huge plus for us. I use a lower sugar pectin, so its about only half the sugar as regular jam, but still tastes the same. All fresh, natural ingredients means that the jams aren’t filled with any preservatives or coloring additives.

At this point, we make black cherry, four berry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry jams. Looking forward to extending that list as soon as we can!


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