Chickens of Woodstock

Get to know our flock!

We started keeping chickens in 2017 - and they have become part of our family! Our flock has grown and changed over the years - we've lost a few little loves and brought in a few others that were in need of rescue. Truth be told - we've become addicted to chickens!

I don’t think that we could have predicted what would happen when we ordered 6 baby chicks. They arrived and almost immediately, we were amazed by these little creatures. It was clear to us that they each have their own personality and distinct voice. Watching our little “buddies” grow up and form their own pecking order, their own likes and dislikes, and their favorite treats made them more and more like pets. They even have their own instagram account! @chickensofwoodstock is all for them!

They even have their own instagram account! @chickensofwoodstock is all for them!

THE FIRST SIX - they changed life as we knew it!

Our first chickens..






Sgt. Lady Hennington - "Henny"

Shortly afterwards, we rescued three hens which were scheduled to be “processed”. Boo Boo Kitty, Maggie, and Grace joined our little family. Later, we received a call that someone closely had found a lone little bantam hen in the woods, undoubtedly dropped off and abandoned. We took her in right away and have lived little Bitty ever since!

Then came the egg! Sweetums had to have a surgery on her foot and to keep her still, we let her sit on an egg. We removed her for hours everyday, so we didn’t think that the egg would actually have a chance of hatching. Until it did!! Enter our new little rooster Goose! But since Goose was a lone chick, we gave him some sisters: Betty, Blue, Barney, and Sookie! Little did we know that the thing that they call “chicken math” - where the number of chickens mysteriously seems to grow - is a real thing!

Unfortunately, we have had some losses along the way. Some were older and ill, but got to live out their final days in a grassy yard with plenty of treats and love. We have decided that we will always want to have chickens. They add such a beautiful dynamic to life and light up our faces with joy with their unique personalities!


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