I was craving cherry pie...

I woke up at 3 am starving, looked in the fridge, and all I could find?

Frozen cherries... So, I guess that means if I start a crust now, I could have cherry pie by the time the sun comes up! I'd better get crackin!

Insomnia mixed with craving a dessert - when your cupboards are full of quarantine foods like pasta and ramen - can be a challenge. But finding frozen cherries? Jackpot!

Frozen Cherries - Meh.

I really don't love using frozen fruit for pies - it always throws off the water content for me, and I struggle with soggy pies, or too much corn starch and they are never as good as fresh - but in the middle of the night? It works!

I added a bit more almond extract than usual, because I love the flavor it gives cherry desserts, and I have to say, it was delicious! Got my cherries cooked down, my crust made, and made small cherry pies (or tarts) so I could share with my neighbors.

One thing I love about as much as the pie itself - are pie crust cookies. Scraps from the crust covered in egg wash, topped with crunchy sugar and cinnamon - a memory from childhood that just makes me happy. Spread a bit of the cherry filling on warm crunchy crust cookies? Best thing ever.

So, I'm happy to report, by the time the sun came up, I had cherry pie, and my neighbors loved them! Productive insomnia - with a treat at the end - perfect!

Then I had a nap.