Jonathan Apples return to Woodstock!

HAPPINESS! So, my grandmother loved (and I love) Jonathan apples, and we had trees as long as I can remember. I wanted to plant a few, but NO ONE sells them as they're no longer fashionable or as hearty as the current hybrid apples like HoneyCrisp..

We're reintroducing Jonathan apples to the neighborhood where they were created!

Long story short - I had Mom send me a few apples from the family tree last fall, took out the seeds and made them dormant in the fridge for a few months, planted them, and now I have 18 seedlings!! I’m growing apple trees from grandmas tree!

NOW HERE’S THE BEST PART!! I did some research about Jonathan apples and how to care for them, and holy crap - they were developed 100 years ago in...WOODSTOCK, NY!

What?!? I did some further research, and the Jonathan variety was created on Ricks farm in Woodstock NY, and the old Ricks farm is literally 200 yards from our house! So, I’m basically reintroducing Jonathan apples to the neighborhood where they were created, and I’m really super stoked about that! It’s amazing how chickens and growing apple trees are my greatest source of joy these days!

The Jonathan apple originated from an Esopus Spitzenburg seedling in 1826 from the farm of Philip Rick in Woodstock, Ulster County, New York. Although it may have originally been called the "Rick" apple, it was soon renamed by Judge Buel, President of Albany Horticultural Society, after Jonathan Zander, who discovered the apple and brought it to Buel's attention..

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