Mom's macrame Holiday ornaments!

Recreating Mom's Christmas ornaments brings her closer during the holidays.

Growing up, my mother was always really crafty. One of the most frequent crafting she did was macrame. I would see her sitting outside on the porch with a macrame board and lots a of strings of some kind, usually jute, pinned to it as she patiently tied perfect little knots. She would make plant holders, purses, wall hangings, and my personal favorite: Christmas ornaments. You see, when we were young, we moved away from all of our family in northern Pennsylvania, so every Christmas, all of the extended family would send boxes of gifts to us and we would do the same to them. My mother started making small, sometimes ornate, Christmas ornaments to act as the gift tags.

Over the years, and long after she passed away, I still use her old macrame Christmas ornaments. Now, after finding her pattern books, I have started to remake them and start sending them to family again. I fond it’s a very calm, meditative, quiet activity that allows me to center myself and connect to her after all of these years. One of my favorites now to recreate is the quintessential macrame owl wall hanging!


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