As we're expanding our inventory, there are a few must haves currently available that we highly recommend...  First?  Table Toffee! It's my grandma's secret recipe and the best butter toffee you'll ever eat - I promise!

Second? Get a Cheese Kit, and then join us for mozzarella class!

Our line will continually expand with homemade soaps, cheeses, and other offerings, and our home Ec Kits will be a fantastic way to get back to

basics - without trying to find everything you'll need! Some kits you can do on your own, and some will be used with our signature Home Ec Classes - so get ready to get crafty!


Our soaps are curing, kits are being put together, and cheeses are aging, so come back often and check on things as they become available!




All of our soaps are handmade in Woodstock, most are vegan, and all are amazing. Whether you want something festive or traditional, or want to try different soaps from across the ages, we hope we have something you'll love...